Who Should The Edmonton Oilers Trade For From The Canucks?

Should the Edmonton Oilers trade for Tyler Myers? Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Should the Edmonton Oilers trade for Tyler Myers? Mandatory Credit: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports /

Just before the All-Star break the Vancouver Canucks started selling off their team by trading Bo Horvat to the New York Islanders. I believe this is the first move in their fire sale for the Vancouver Canucks. I think the Edmonton Oilers need to get in on that fire sale.

Unlike the past articles focusing on the other bottom teams(Columbus Blue Jackets, Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, and San Jose Sharks) I think that there are no players untouchable on the Canucks.

Vancouver Canucks 43 Points(20-26-3)

The Vancouver Canucks have been in the spotlight a lot this season. From having a streak of blowing leads to the handling of the Bruce Boudreau firing. Now they are going to be back in the spotlight because they are going to be hard sellers at the deadline.

This Canucks have been stuck between being a contender and rebuilding for a couple of seasons now. That is the worst place to be for a  franchise. I think this season they have finally decided to start the rebuild. The Horvat trade shows that.

Tyler Myers(1G-9A)

Tyler Myers could be the large body tough defenseman the Edmonton Oilers have been missing since the loss of Adam Larsson to the Kraken. Myers is an NHL veteran that would be able to help the Oilers in their own end.

Myers has struggled this season, but there aren’t many players on the Canucks that haven’t had an issue of some sort. The strength that Myers can bring is enough for me to take a chance on in my opinion. He brings a similar style of play to Vincent Desharnais, but Myers isn’t a raw rookie.

No offence to Vincent Desharnais, but when it comes to big moments in the NHL playoffs you want a veteran to be making plays over a rookie.

Conor Garland(9G-15A)

Conor Garland is also having a rough season for the Vancouver Cancucks. This is good news for the Edmonton Oilers. I think they should be able to buy low when it comes to Garland. When Garland was on the Arizona Coyotes I loved his game.

Hopefully, it is just the Canucks that have caused Garland to struggle. If he is dropped into the much more skilled Edmonton Oilers lineup I think he would go back to the way he played with the Coyotes. If the Edmonton Oilers could get the Canucks to eat some of the salary this is a must-make move for the point of the Edmonton Oilers.

Edmonton Oilers Must Take Advantage

The Cancuks are a team that seems to do everything wrong right now. Hopefully, the Edmonton Oilers can be part of something they do wrong. The Edmonton Oilers have a lot of prospects that the Vancouver Canucks may be interested in.

In order for the Edmonton Oilers to have the success they need to start winning some trades. Trades at the deadline are important to your team’s success not just that season, but a season in the future as well. You don’t want to sell off too much of the future for the now.

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