Who Should The Edmonton Oilers Trade For From The Blue Jackets?

The Edmonton Oilers could trade for Vladislav Gavrikov (44) Mandatory Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports
The Edmonton Oilers could trade for Vladislav Gavrikov (44) Mandatory Credit: Jean-Yves Ahern-USA TODAY Sports /

Columbus Blue Jackets 34 Points(15-32-4)

The Blue Jackets so far this season are the biggest surprise for me to be in the bottom of the league let alone dead last. During the previous offseason, they made big signings with Johnny Gaudreau and Erik Gudbranson. Those two players clearly haven’t helped them out though. This could benefit the Edmonton Oilers.

The Columbus Blue Jackets will definitely be sellers at the deadline and will be looking for help on the ice not just in draft picks because the signings they made show they want to try and win soon and not wait a couple of years to be good.

Edmonton Oilers Need To Make A Hockey Trade

The fact they may want players back makes them a good option for the Edmonton Oilers to trade with. The Edmonton Oilers need to clear cap space and will need to send players back if there was to be a trade.

The Columbus Blue Jackets only have 2 players becoming UFA that the Oilers may look at trading for.

Vladislav Gavrikov(3G-7A)

Vladislav Gavrikov is the one player that has been connected to the Edmonton Oilers connected to already. There is no secret the Edmonton Oilers need a little help on the back end and Gavrikov could be that player.

If the Edmonton Oilers were to trade for Gavrikov he would push either Broberg or Desharnais out of the lineup. He is an upgrade on both of those players and when it comes to upgrading your team any little bit helps.

Gustav Nyquist(10G-12A)

Gustav Nyquist is the only other player of note that is becoming a UFA for the Columbus Blue Jackets. Is he a player the Edmonton Oilers are going to burn assets on, probably not. However, he would be nice in a depth role on this team. He would also push other wingers to perform better.

The problem with the Oilers now is either Puljujarvi or Yamamoto is guaranteed to be playing in the top 6. If the Oilers brought in Nyquist he would be another viable option in that role.

He is currently injured and may not be back till the playoffs. If he isn’t back till the playoffs you wouldn’t have to worry about his cap hit so that is a positive for the Oilers.

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