Who Do The Edmonton Oilers Play In Round Two Of The Stanley Cup Playoffs?

Now that the Oilers have won the first series who will they play in the second round?
Who Will The Oilers Play Round 2?
Who Will The Oilers Play Round 2? / Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports

With the Edmonton Oilers punching their ticket into the second round of the Stanly Cup with a 4-3 win last night and eliminating the Los Angeles Kings, we now sit and wait to see who the Oilers will be playing in the second round.

It could be as late as Sunday before we find out exactly who the Oilers will be playing. Right now the Vancouver Canucks and the Nashville Predators series is 3-2 in favour of the Cancuck, but the Preds have momentum and will host the Canucks in Nashville tomorrow in game 6.

If the Predators do win tomorrow then the series will go all the way back to Vancouver for game 7 and won't take place till Sunday. That means if this series does go to game 7 that means the Oilers won't start their second round till at the earliest Tuesday.

Who Do The Oilers Want To Play In Round One?

If you look back through this season you may think that the obvious choice would be the Predators as the Canucks swept the Oilers during the regular season. With the way these two teams are playing the way they are currently, this isn't the regular season Canucks nor is it the regular season Edmonton Oilers.

The Canucks are a team right now that has been hit by injuries in the net as they are starting their third-string goalie, they have a team that has minimal playoff experience and watching the games now I think that the Predators are starting to gain momentum.

The reasons to face the Preds are obvious. The Edmonton Oilers have had massive success against the Predators in the McDavid/Draisaitl era. Draisaitl has been unstoppable against the Preds, so the Oilers would probably beat the Preds easier than they would the Canucks. Also, if they face the Predators, the Oilers would have the home-ice advantage.

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The way the Edmonton Oilers are playing I don't think it matter which one of these two teams the Oilers face in the second round. The Oilers are clicking right now and seem unstoppable and look poised to take a solid run for the Cup.