Waking Up With The Edmonton Oilers- A Chance To Punch Ticket To Second Round

The Edmonton Oilers host the Los Angeles Kings at Rogers Place tonight with a chance to move on to the second round.
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Although it was only one extra day it feels like it has been forever since the Oilers beat the Kings 1-0 to take a 3-1 series lead. Now tonight the Oilers have a chance to clinch the series with a win tonight. This is an important game to win because you do not want to give the Los Angeles Kings any life.

For the Oilers a win tonight does more than just get them to the next round it also gives them time to rest and heal any bumps and bruises they may have. Taking care of the Kings in 5 also saves the Oilers from an extra journey the LA. As much as they are flying in comfort, it is still hard on the body to fly from one game.

The fact that the Nashville Predators won last night means that the matchup will be pushed further down the road for the second round. If the Oilers can win tonight then the longer the Canucks/Predators series goes the more rest the Oilers get.

The way that series has gone I would expect another tight game on Friday between those two teams. Even if the Canucks do win I wouldn't expect the next round to start by the earliest Monday and that is only if the rest of the series are also done.

Couple Of Teams Eliminated Last Night

As the playoffs go on it obviously leads to more and more teams getting eliminated from Cup contention. Last night in the 4 games 2 teams went home while the other 2 were able to stay alive. Both the Islanders and the Jets got sent home as they didn't win. The Predators and Leafs were able to squeak out a win and stay alive.

The Athletic's Oilers vs. Leafs Stanley Cup matchup ranking should be higher. The Athletic's Oilers vs. Leafs Stanley Cup matchup ranking should be higher. dark. Next

As far as the importance of playoff games winning this one has more of an impact than most as the time for rest will be much more important as the Oilers go further in the playoffs. Banking rest days could turn the table in a later round series if you are facing a team that doesn't have as much rest.