Positives and Negatives Of The Edmonton Oilers Extra Day Off

The extra day off can be a cause for concern for both the Kings and Oilers heading into game 5.
Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings - Game Four
Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings - Game Four / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

With the Oilers having a 3-1 series stranglehold over the Los Angeles Kings the series now has an extra day for the teams to rest before picking back up tomorrow at 8 pm from Rogers Place. The extra day off has some positives and negatives for both teams.

Edmonton Oilers Positives

The extra day off will give the Edmonton Oilers a chance to heal any bumps and bruises that they may have acquired some far on this playoff run. Although there are no significant injuries that are affecting this team hockey is a physical sport so I wouldn't be surprised if some of the Oilers had a couple of minor things that are bugging them. With what the medical team knows these days an extra day off can heal a lot of those minor things.

Los Angeles Kings Positives

For the Kings they played probably the best they could have played in game 4. They were physical and hard on the puck. They won the one-shot clock 33-13 and still weren't able to get the win. The extra day for them gives them more time to try and figure out what they can do differently to try and beat the Oilers. The one game the Kings did win was more so on the Oilers being bad than the Kings being good. If they want to stay alive they need to find a way.

Los Angeles Kings Negatives

As the extra time does give the Kings more time to try and figure out a way to beat the Oilers, it also gives them more time to think about how they lost. Playing what could have been a perfect LA Kings game, the Kings still couldn't defeat the Edmonton Oilers. This is something that could cause issues in their heads and build doubt going into game 5. If they couldn't beat the Oilers when they played their best in LA, how can they have a chance to beat them in Edmonton?

Edmonton Oilers Negatives

The Edmonton Oilers have been rolling these last two games against the Kings. The extra day off could slow down their momentum. In game 5 the Oilers played probably one of their best defensive lead games of the season. They allowed 33 shots against, but not once was there a 5-star chance against. Skinner made all the saves he needed to, he was good but didn't need to be spectacular to get the shut out. Hopefully, this extra day off doesn't change the way they play.

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While there is a chance that the Kings could come out and beat the Oilers cause of the extra day off. I think the extra time helps the Oilers much more. I expect the OIlers to win tomorrow night and they can start preping for round 2.