Waking Up With The Edmonton Oilers- Day Of Rest For Oilers

Oilers and Kings have an extra day of between game 4-5.
Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings - Game Four
Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings - Game Four / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

As much as playoffs are exciting I am really used to the Oilers playing every second day, so today I find myself lost looking for some sort of Oilers fix as I feel I am going through withdrawal. I understand that the players are all happy with the extra day off cause they want the rest. From a fan standpoint though I want to keep this train going.

The Oilers are up 3-1 and they are winners of 2 straight, both games were won on the road completely taking away any home-ice advantage the Kings would have had. Now all the Oilers need to do is win one of the next three games and they move on to the next round where they will face the winner of the Nashville Predators/Vancouver Canucks series.

Right now the Canucks are winning that series just 3-1, so they are likely to move forward. We still are a couple of days away from that being a lock though. Plus I don't want to get ahead of myself cause I have been hurt too many times as an Oilers fan.

Around The NHL

A quick look to see what is happening around the rest of the NHL playoffs. There has now been a couple of teams eliminated and teams are starting to build momentum on what they hope will be a cup run.

Tampa Bay Vs Florida Panthers- Panthers have eliminated the Panthers winning the series 4-1.

Boston Bruins Vs Toronto Maple Leafs- The Bruins are up 3-1 and have a chance to eliminate the Leafs tonight.

New York Rangers Vs Washington Capitals- Rangers swept the series 4-0. The Rangers were clearly the better team.

Carolina Hurricanes Vs New York Islanders- Hurricanes are up 3-1 and have a chance to eliminate the Islanders tonight.

Dallas Stars Vs Vegas Golden Knights- Dallas came back from being down 2-0 to tie the series 2-2 last night.

Winnipeg Jets Vs Colorado Avalanche- This series looks to be all but over as the Avalanche have taken over this series and lead 3-1.

Vancouver Canucks Vs Nashville Predators- Despite being on their third-string goalie the Canucks continue to win games and lead the series 3-1.

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Although we have to wait one more day for the Oilers to play again, I still think that the Oilers will win game 5 and send the Los Angeles Kings packing.