The Edmonton Oilers Host Philadelphia Flyers

The Edmonton Oilers had the day off yesterday, but they are back at it today as they host the Philadelphia Flyers.
Oct 19, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Edmonton Oilers center Leon Draisaitl (29) skates
Oct 19, 2023; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA; Edmonton Oilers center Leon Draisaitl (29) skates / Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

After having the day off yesterday the Edmonton Oilers are back in action tonight as they face the Philadelphia Flyers at home. This is the Oilers first home game since December 16th where they lost 5-1 to the Florida Panthers. Since then though they have gone 5-1 and have won 5 in a row, all on the road.

Hopefully, their current play transfers to their home rink. The Oilers have a better home record as they are 9-6-1 at home while 9-9-0 on the road. Before this last road trip, the Oilers road game was hurting them, but they got themselves back to 0.500 on the road now.

The Flyers are currently 3rd in the Metro Division with a record of 19-12-5. They are having a much better season than most people would have thought. John Tortorella has this team playing a solid game on both ends of the ice.

The Edmonton Oilers do have a more powerful offence than the Flyers do and they will need to prove it tonight if they want to win. Something they didn't do when they first faced the Flyers back on October 19th. A game which saw them lose 4-1.

This is a much better-playing Oilers team than the one that the Flyers faced more than 2 months ago. This is a confident Oilers team that is on a 5 game winning streak, not the team that had been playing badly at the start of the season.

As far as the lineup for the Edmonton Oilers is concerned I would assume they will run the same lineup as they did in Anaheim, except Skinner will be in the net. This should be a tougher game than Anaheim, but an easier game than the Kings.

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The way the Oilers are playing right now I am going to pick them to win against any team they play against right now. They are running like a well-oiled machine and there doesn't seem to be any mistakes made in their end that cost them games.