Oilers Fans Need To Look For Silver Lining On Playoff Run

While things look bad for the Oilers there is some possible light at the end of the tunnel.
Edmonton Oilers defenseman Philip Broberg (86) celebrates a goal
Edmonton Oilers defenseman Philip Broberg (86) celebrates a goal / Walter Tychnowicz-USA TODAY Sports

Even though things may look pretty grim for the City of Edmonton and the Oilers fans, I think it is important to not fall completely off the edge regarding the Oilers and the way things are going right now. Being down 3-0 in the cup final the Oilers look to avoid being the first cup final sweep since 1998. Even though winning the cup chances may seem bleak the Oilers fans must not lose faith.

A Look Back This Season

Ever since Kris Knoblauch has taken over as head coach for the Edmonton Oilers the Oilers have lost 3 games in a row three times. Coming off those 3 game losing streaks the Oilers have turned things around and put together a winning streak.

In mid-November the Oilers lost 3 in a row to the Florida teams and the Hurricanes, After those three games the Oilers ran off 8 straight wins. Right after that winning streak they lost another 3 in a row, following that up with their massive 16 game winning streak. The last time the Oilers lost 3 in a row was in late February. They won 5 straught after that.

Why is that important? It is importatn because it show you that the Oilers can turn a 3 game losing streak into a winning streak longer than 4 games. That is the exact thing that they need to put together right now. If this trend contunes then the Oilers should win the Cup.

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Unfortunealty, the Cup final against a top team is a lot different than a chunk of games in the middle of the season. It does give Oilers fans a glimmer of hope though and right now the Oilers need all the help they can get. We will need to wait and see on Saturday if the Oilers can keep the ball rolling and if they cand stay alive, DO NOT sleep on them to keep winning.