Key issues the Edmonton Oilers must address to challenge for the Stanley Cup

The Edmonton Oilers are playing their best hockey of the season to date, but there are still areas of the team which need improving.

Edmonton Oilers v San Jose Sharks
Edmonton Oilers v San Jose Sharks / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

During the recent stretch, the Edmonton Oilers are putting in a better effort and playing a much stronger brand of hockey, which has had a dominating effect on the team's success. Following Tuesday night's 5-2 home win versus the Flyers. they have now won their last six games and 14 of their previous 17.

As a result, the Oilers are now proving to the critics that they deserve to be in the Stanley Cup talks. However, the team must still address some technical issues, to compete with the best in the NHL.

A speedy blue-liner

From my perspective, I believe that the Oilers still need to fine tune the defensive area of the team by adding a bit more speed, to help keep the blueline as agile as possible. This would benefit the Oilers, by providing more flexibility for the defencemen to help offensively and give the team more opportunities to produce chances during crucial games.

More importantly, such an addition would assist in creating more turnovers at opportune times and making plays that would help the team overcome the hump of losing leads in games, with a better defence-locked system. In another aspect, this would give the team a look that would be dreaded around the rest of the league, especially when it comes to looking for postseason wins.

Third line depth

In addition to the blue line, the Edmonton Oilers need to find the cap space to help them acquire a steady third line forward who would bring more depth to the defensive system and complement the players' chemistry. This would then provide ample space for the top two lines to produce more and create that cushion during games.

A third line forward would be a great addition to the line-up and indeed provide a more balanced approach to the dominating depth system the team has amassed during the past few years. It would also have a more crippling effect on the teams the Edmonton Oilers play, when they will be able to come out stronger than ever.

Holloway and Gagner set to return from injury for Oilers. dark. Next. Holloway and Gagner set to return from injury for Oilers

As a fan, I am excited to see this team take off like no other and bring home a championship that the city deserves with this roster. The Edmonton Oilers are a strong team to contend with and will be a thrilling team to watch during the postseason.