Edmonton Oilers Lose Nothing Game, Eyes Move To Scoreboard

The Oilers weakened roster lost to the Avalanche, but the question of who they play is still up in the air.
Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche
Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche / Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

The Edmonton Oilers have lost their last regular season which looking at the lineups should not have come as a surprise for anyone. The Oilers were resting their top 7 players and the Avs iced their full lineup.

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As mentioned earlier if you came into this game thinking the Oilers actually had a chance to win this game you would have most definitely been in the minority. When it came to this game there is really one thing I don’t quite understand, and that is why did Knoblach think it was a good idea to start Skinner behind that lineup.

Goaltenders usually are supposed to have short memories, but the fact they thought that starting Skinner in a game they had no chance to win is mind-boggling. Skinner let in 4 goals on his 13 shots, and to be honest he really didn’t have a chance to make a save in any of them.

It was nice to see the Edmonton Oilers at least not get shutout in the game, it was on the powerplay when Holloway tipped in a point shot from Broberg. Aside from that, there weren’t many positives in that game. That was to be expected though considering the Oilers resting the players they were resting.

Still Waiting For a First Round Opponent

At the time of my writing this article, the Oilers still do not know who they are playing in the first round. Right now the Los Angeles Kings are up 3-2 while the Golden Knights are down 3-1. If it stays this way the Edmonton Oilers will be facing the Kings in the first round and the Golden Knights will be taking on the Dallas Stars.

I have written that if I were the Oilers I would much rather face the Golden Knights in the first round. Tonight’s a perfect example of why. When it matters the Kings are able to play well while the Knights did not show up.

Next. High. Darnell Nurse is named King Clancy Trophy nominee for the Oilers. dark

I still don’t think either of these teams beat the Oilers, but if one team causes me more concern it is the Kings. The Oilers have beaten them 2 times in a row in the playoffs, so perhaps the Kings will finally be able to break through the Oilers. I don’t think they will, but watching the games tonight I just think the Knights would be the easier out.