4 Edmonton Oilers New Year resolutions for 2024

As the NHL enters 2024, we look at four New Year resolutions for the Edmonton Oilers which can help them finally win a long overdue Stanley Cup.

Minnesota Wild v Edmonton Oilers
Minnesota Wild v Edmonton Oilers / Lawrence Scott/GettyImages
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2) Be more consistent with their performances

The Oilers are notorious for their slow starts to the season. However, the 2023-24 campaign has been notable for them also being extremely erratic and streaky when it comes to wins and losses.

Consider that the Oilers began this season with a 2-9-1 record. This represented the worst start to a season through 12 games in franchise history, costing Jay Woodcroft his job in the process.

Then, after Knoblauch took over as head coach and started 0-2, the team lost three straight, With a record of 5-12-1, this was the Oilers' fourth-worst ever start to a campaign through 18 games.

To further highlight the streaky nature of this team, they then rattled off eight wins in a row. This was one off the franchise record for consecutive wins and all seemed right in the world again.

However, the up and down, roller coaster nature of 2023-24 continued for the Oilers, with three terrible losses by a combined 15-5. Just like that, the hopes and dreams for fans, was replaced by the desolate and inconsolable feeling from earlier in the season.

Since then though, the Oilers have been on a(nother) role with five straight wins, all of which have come on the road. As a result, after beginning this season 2-8-0 on their travels, they have since gone 7-1-0.

Of course, the question is can the Oilers now find more consistency in the New Year, which they enter with a 18-15-1 record? If you're looking for a positive omen, consider that they were 18-14-2 at the same point in each of the previous two seasons, and finished with 49 and 50 regular season wins respectively.