Waking Up With The Oilers- 5-0 Win Over The Sharks

Last night the Edmonton Oilers did exactly what they were supposed to do. They beat the league's worst team, the San Jose Sharks.
Edmonton Oilers v San Jose Sharks
Edmonton Oilers v San Jose Sharks / Thearon W. Henderson/GettyImages

The Edmonton Oilers game last night against the San Jose Sharks went just as it should have. Which is not at all what we said the last time these two teams played. In this game, there was never really a doubt as the Oilers controlled the game from puck drop to the final horn

148. Score. 0. 120. Final. 5

The Edmonton Oilers came to the Shark Tank ready to play last night. If I could redo things I should have known that this was how this game was going to turn out after the first shift. The McDavid line controlled the puck the whole time then mid-change McLeod scored on a perfectly placed shot.

Now I am not one to brag, but if you did happen to read my "Three Keys To An Edmonton Oilers Victory" article then there should be no surprise in the outcome of this game. All three of the keys were perfectly executed to precision so this outcome was a foregone conclusion.

You have to feel bad for Magnus Chrona though. His first NHL start and he gets the pull after the first period. It is tough to be a goalie on a bad team, honestly, I don't know if you can blame any of the goals strictly on the goalie. This is just a bad Sharks team.

You have to give credit to the Edmonton Oilers though, last time they played the Sharks they did not show up to play. That loss to the Sharks I think cost Jay Woodcroft his job. Last night was a completely different story though. The Oilers were clearly the better team all night long.

Oilers 2023 Season End Of Year Grades- Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. dark. NEXT. NEXT

The way the Oilers have played coming out of breaks in the past season has been less than ideal. So seeing them come out and play as well as they did last night was nice to see. Not to mention the fact that hopefully they can take this game and push it forward. The Oilers face the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday. The Kings are a much better opponent and a team the Oilers will likely have to face in the playoffs. Hopefully, the momentum from the Sharks game rolls over into Saturday.