Waking Up With The Edmonton Oilers- Loss To Coyotes, Game Vs Canucks

After a disappointing loss to the Arizona Coyotes last night in overtime the Oilers look forward to tonight when they face the Vancouver Canucks.
Edmonton Oilers forward Corey Perry (90)
Edmonton Oilers forward Corey Perry (90) / Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

I don't really want to say the game last night against the Arizona Coyotes was a trap game, but I think the way things were lined up it definitely was one for the Edmonton Oilers. Heading into last night's game if the Oilers would have won then tonight's game vs the Vancouver Canucks would have been for first place in the Pacific. Since they lost they are unable to catch them in the standing tonight.

That is why I think this was a trap game. The Coyotes are much lower in the standings, so I think that the Oilers were already looking at the potential to take over the division for the Canucks they did pay close enough attention to the current game at hand and didn't put in the full 100% effort as a team.

Now they did turn it on and play a solid game near the end, but in my opinion, the shot clock did not tell the story of the game. The Oilers' 40 shots did not feel like it was a 40-shot game, there were a lot of low-danger chances in that 40 shots. They did get robbed on a couple of chances, but not enough to make this effort good enough.

Oilers Need To Refocus Tonight

After watching yesterday's game I would find it hard if health Connor McDavid sits out tonight. This team needs a boost and he knows it. Not to mention this game still does have a huge impact on the standings. The Oilers with a win tonight would only be one point back with a game in hand so this game is still important.

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The Canucks aren't going to just roll over and let the Oilers win though as they also want that number on the spot. I am excited to sit and watch this game tonight as it could be a preview of the second round of the playoffs.