Waking Up With The Edmonton Oilers- It's Finally Game Day

After waiting what seems like an eternity the Edmonton Oilers and Florida Panthers will finally drop the puck on game one of the Stanly Cup Final
Florida Panthers v Edmonton Oilers
Florida Panthers v Edmonton Oilers / Lawrence Scott/GettyImages

It has been nearly one whole week since the Edmonton Oilers eliminated the Dallas Stars in six games last Sunday. At the same time, the extra time off has given the players time to heal and rest and the coaches extra time to plan for the upcoming opponent in the Florida Panthers.

The Panthers have not played a game since last Saturday, so they are also coming off a long rest. Since both teams are coming off a long break there is a chance that the first couple minutes of this game may be a bit sloppy as both teams could be a little bit rusty from such a long break. However, both teams should realize the importance of this game so they can work as fast as possible to get the rust off.

For the Edmonton Oilers, it is their first time in the Cup finals since 2008, so their fans have been waiting a very long time for this day to come so excitement is all over the city. The Panthers, were here last year, so their fans aren't as excited to be here, but they are hoping for a completely different outcome than the last time. Last year they lost to the Vegas Golden Knights.

All of the NHL's eyes will be on this series, which is good for the NHL. The fact that two of the best players in the league, Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, are going to be on full display can only help grow the game. No offence to any of the other teams in the league, but there is no other team in the NHL with the high-end talent of the Oilers to be on display.

Next. No guarantees when it comes to Evander Kane in the Stanley Cup Final. No guarantees when it comes to Evander Kane in the Stanley Cup Final. dark

With the Edmonton Oilers high end talent they have a chance to win every they play in. Even though the Florida Panthers are the betting favourite in this series I still pick the Edmonton Oilers to win this series and end the Canadian cup drought.