Waking Up With The Edmonton Oilers- Extra Day Off Between Games

The Edmonton Oilers are down 2-0 in the Cup final, hopefully with this extra day off they can regroup and come out ready for game 3.
Edmonton Oilers goaltender Skinner Stuart (74)
Edmonton Oilers goaltender Skinner Stuart (74) / Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

The Edmonton Oilers got an extra day of rest between game 2 and game 3. This is good for this team because this team has its fair share of bumps and bruises, The main players that are injured right now are Darnell Nurse and Evander Kane. Coming into the playoffs Kane made it known he had a sports hernia, whereas Nurse was just injured in the last game.

With the day off hopefully, both of these players can get healthy enough to make a difference in their game. Nurse appears to be more injured than Kane. While Kane played over 10 minutes, Nurse who usually plays nearly 20 minutes only played 4:20 last game. That is a large number of minutes that will need to be replaced if Nurse is unable to go tomorrow.

The Florida Panthers also have their injuries, with their main one being captain Aleksander Barkov. Barkov took a hit from Leon Draisaitl in game 2 and didn't return. Barkov is just as important of a player as Nurse is. Barkov is one of the best if not the best shutdown forwards in the game. Watching how he can slow down McDavid you can see how important he is to that Panthers team.

The extra time off also helps the coaching staff for both of these teams make adjustments to the team's game plans. For the Oilers, there are a couple of areas they need to work on. The area I would like to see improvement on is the powerplay. The Oilers have had quite a few powerplays so far this series but have yet to score.

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Later in the day, we should start to get updates on the injuries as the teams will have a practice and have their own media availabilities. It will likely be a bunch of evasive answers, but there is a chance that we get some actual answers. If they do give us one, hopefully for the sake of both teams the players are good to play.