Two players for the Oilers to buy and one prospect to sell at the trade deadline

The Edmonton Oilers don’t have much cap space to buy at the trade deadline unless they clear some. If they do, there are two players they should seriously consider.

Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames
Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames / Marissa Baecker/GettyImages
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Player to buy: Sean Walker

Stuart Skinner continues to be one of the most up-and-down goaltenders in the NHL as we draw dramatically close to the 2024 trade deadline. And while there are no goaltenders listed in this piece to provide insurance for the erratic Skinner, a blueliner would help prevent pucks from getting to the net, and Sean Walker should be there for the taking.

The Flyers, regardless of whether they contend, would benefit from trading Walker thanks to the strong possibility he will want a major pay raise this coming offseason. Because of this, Walker would almost certainly be a rental, but a valuable one since the blueliner is more than fine with blocking shots or breaking up rushes.

He’s one of the more physical skaters in Philadelphia, and that would also be the case in Edmonton should the Oilers try to make a trade. Skinner still isn’t facing a ton of shots per game, with just 27.11 through March 4th, but given his overall inconsistencies, if the Oilers can get that number down, it will more than work in their young goaltender’s favor. 

As a bonus, Edmonton would also be getting an outstanding puck mover whose Corsi and Fenwick For Percentages also imply Walker more than helps make plays in the offensive zone. That means Skinner will be forced to face fewer shots on net, and he could enjoy some much-needed consistency for the rest of the season. 


(Statistics provided by Hockey-Reference as of March 4th)