Two players for the Oilers to buy and one prospect to sell at the trade deadline

The Edmonton Oilers don’t have much cap space to buy at the trade deadline unless they clear some. If they do, there are two players they should seriously consider.

Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames
Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames / Marissa Baecker/GettyImages
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Player to buy: Anthony Duclair

Anthony Duclair once enjoyed an outstanding season with the Florida Panthers, so if a high-scoring team like the Edmonton Oilers consider adding the current San Jose Shark to their lineup, maybe he will have enough help to resemble the player he was in 2021-22. Even if Duclair puts forth a little over half of that production, he would be yet another forward who would force opponents to account for him when he’s on the ice, given the scoring prowess he’s shown in the past. 

Currently, Duclair is averaging less than a half-point per game, with 23 in 55 outings. But he’s still recording a solid 14.7 shooting percentage, implying he still has an accurate shot and is making sound selections when he has a chance to score. The 28-year-old continues to make the most out of a dysfunctional situation in San Jose, and it leaves you to wonder what he could do on a team that can outscore any opponent. 

If Edmonton trades for Duclair, he won’t be the low-scoring player we have been watching since October over in San Jose. Better yet, he won’t cost a lot in compensation to bring in, and as mentioned on the previous slide, there is one prospect in the pool that the Oilers could insert into a package to entice San Jose to make a trade.