Two players for the Oilers to buy and one prospect to sell at the trade deadline

The Edmonton Oilers don’t have much cap space to buy at the trade deadline unless they clear some. If they do, there are two players they should seriously consider.
Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames
Edmonton Oilers at Calgary Flames / Marissa Baecker/GettyImages
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The Edmonton Oilers are in a situation not unlike many serious contenders: They are a great hockey team, but they have such little salary cap space, a rental is the most realistic scenario for them. Even if the Oilers traded one of their current players like Cody Ceci, there is still a strong possibility a rental is all they would get this season, given the overall cap hit of many prominent players in the rumor mill. 

So, while this article talks about two players Edmonton should buy, it’s more realistically involving either one player or the other, not both. This is assuming the Oilers don’t shock the league and make a dramatic move that will suddenly open unprecedented cap space, but logically, that won’t happen. 

Oilers must strongly consider one of two serviceable players at the trade deadline

A contingent of the Edmonton fan base would ideally see someone like Jake Guentzel come to Alberta and at least serve as a rental while the Oilers seek to win their first Cup in three-and-a-half decades. But someone like Guentzel would involve quite a bit of player movement on the Oilers part, making it less likely for such a trade to occur. 

That said, the names you will see in today’s article won’t make for any blockbuster trades, as they are solid role players and not game-breakers. However, both have enjoyed success in the NHL, and they have been moderately productive enough throughout their respective careers to provide adequate help for Edmonton. 

Besides the two players listed, there is also one prospect whom the Oilers would likely add to a hypothetical trade package. Since we talked about him before, that prospect is not Philip Broberg, but instead another name who would make for an outstanding addition to anyone’s prospects pool. 

Which players should Edmonton target as March 8th approaches, and which prospect could they move to help facilitate the trade?