Three Things The Edmonton Oilers Wish Santa Brought To Them

It's the Christmas season which means Santa is out delivering gifts to everyone, but what should he bring for the Edmonton Oilers

A large Christmas tree towers over the rest of the light displays at the Deck the Y   alls Lightfest
A large Christmas tree towers over the rest of the light displays at the Deck the Y alls Lightfest / Carter Skaggs/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Edmonton Oilers
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3. Consistent Play

So far this season being an Edmonton Oilers fan has been an emotional rollercoaster. They have gone from being one of the coldest teams in the league to one of the hottest. They are their second coach of the season and the streaking has still continued.

The good news about the Knoblauch streak is that the Oilers haven't had a really bad losing streak. While they have lost games, when it comes to a timely win to stop the bleeding they have tended to win those games.

Right now the Oilers sit 5 points out of a Wildcard spot. They also have 2 games in hand against the Arizona Coyotes, who hold down that final spot. If the Oilers win those two games in hand that only would put them 1 point behind.

Having only played 31 games so far this season the Oilers still have 51 games remaining. Closing the small gap in the standings should be no issue for this team the way they have shown that they can play this season. As for a Pacific Division playoff spot, that is not going to be as easy to do.

The third place team right now is currently the LA Kings and they have 11 points on the Oilers and have a game in hand. Even though there are still 51 games left, that is a huge gap for the Oilers to close. If they want to catch up they will need to play excellent hockey and have the Kings themselves struggle.

I think that all the Oilers need to do is make it to the playoffs and they will stand a chance. Just look at last season, the Boston Bruins had the best season of all time and got eliminated in the first round. Once you enter the playoffs all that matters is the series at hand, not how the regular season went.

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