Three Things The Edmonton Oilers Wish Santa Brought To Them

It's the Christmas season which means Santa is out delivering gifts to everyone, but what should he bring for the Edmonton Oilers
A large Christmas tree towers over the rest of the light displays at the Deck the Y   alls Lightfest
A large Christmas tree towers over the rest of the light displays at the Deck the Y alls Lightfest / Carter Skaggs/The Enquirer / USA TODAY
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Edmonton Oilers
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With the NHL on its Christmas break and not having many new stories coming out, all the teams have shut down and all the players are spending time with their families. I will look at the three things that the Edmonton Oilers would like Santa to bring them for Christmas.

Now I am well aware that these things are already on Ken Holland's list to take care of through the remainder of the season, but if Santa could lend a helping hand in greasing the wheels and even give Ken a push to maybe pull off a trade then I think there would be lots of happy Oilers fans this holiday season.

1. Solid and Reliable Goaltending

So far this season Oilers goaltending has been one of the biggest questions. With Jack Campbell being sent to the minors and his NHL career likely over cause he can't seem to find his game down in the AHL either, the Oilers are currently relying on Stuart Skinner and Calvin Pickard.

Neither of these two goalies has a save percentage above 0.900%. If this team has hopes of lifting the cup Skinner and Pickard are going to have to pick up their game. If they can't pick it up then Oilers management will have to make a trade to upgrade.

The reason this team doesn't win the cup can not be because of goaltending. Santa is a miracle worker so if he could drop off the Oilers a goalie the Oilers fans would greatly appreciate it. Even if he could magically make Skinner and Pickard get a SV% above the 0.910 mark.

The fact that we are having another holiday season where we are hoping for an upgrade in the net is a problem. Maybe the New Year's resolution for Oilers management is to make the goaltending duo better instead of hoping the current goalies figure it out.