Three Edmonton Oilers That Will Not Be Back Next Season

Edmonton Oilers have just finished their playoff run, but at the off-season work will come up quick enough. Who will and won’t be back is an upcoming question.
Edmonton Oilers forward Warren Foegele (37)
Edmonton Oilers forward Warren Foegele (37) / Bob Frid-USA TODAY Sports
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Adam Henrique

The big acquisition at the deadline, Henrique was exactly what the Oilers needed at the deadline. Being brought in with Carrick in the Oilers big move the Oilers made at the deadline he has fit right in with the team. He has the ability to play anywhere in your top 9.

With him being so versatile his ask is going to be fairly high, and if I am being honest I think it is going to be way too high for what the Edmonton Oilers should pay. Depending on what type of difference he they think he cam make will really affect the amount he gets from the Oilers.

Since Henrique wasn't a massive part of this Oilers run though. He did have his moments and play his role well, but he didn't have a Pisani like run. With that being the case I think that another team is going to offer him a good chunk of money to play for that team. The Oilers will see that amount and end up letting Henrique walk cause they can’t pay him.

This is going to be who I think is going to be the biggest loss this offseason. If he does end up signing here then I will be worried about the amount he will be getting paid. I will be happy to see him for a full 82 games, but I will still be worried about his cap hit for what he provides.

Warren Foegele 

In comparison to Henrique, Foegele plays a style of game that the Oilers have players with that skill set in their minor system. My best guess for the Foegele scenario is that he will also be looking for too much money and won’t be able to be afforded by the Oilers.

For the Oilers, I think that if Foegele does leave then you can just replace him with a player in your system. For me that person is Dylan Holloway, Holloway is a much cheaper and possibly even better player than Foegele.

For those two reasons, I don’t see him staying with this team. Unless he is willing to take a hit on his cap hit. I know he is close to some of the Oilers core players, but as I mentioned above if he wants to make the money he is worth there is a good chance that he is going to leave in between that and the fact that he could be replaced I wouldn't expect to see him in an Oilers jersey next season.

Corey Perry

For a completely different reason than the last two players Corey Perry is likely not coming back to the Edmonton Oilers, but he is likely not coming back to the NHL. Corey Perry is 39 years old and while in the real world that isn't old at all in the high-intensity world of professional sports, it is.

Even if Perry wasn't retiring, I don't think the Oilers would look at bringing him back. He lacks the foot speed needed in this NHL. While he still maintains a great hockey sense you can see that he can't do some of the things he wants to cause he is too slow.

While he was likely a great veteran presence in the locker room I don't think this team needs that anymore as the core of this team has been through quite a lot as it is, so they no longer will need a player whose main goal is to add a veteran presence.

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While it has been less than 24 hours since the Edmonton Oilers lost in game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the offseason starts right around the corner. The NHL Entry Draft will be in a few days then a couple of days after that it is Free Agency. With a lot of work to do, it is going to be a busy offseason, but for Oilers fans, it is going to be a short one.