Three Assets the Edmonton Oilers Can Trade Away at the Deadline

Edmonton Oilers weigh trade options to bolster playoff roster, eyeing valuable assets for strategic acquisitions

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Edmonton Oilers Xavier Bourgault
Edmonton Oilers forward Xavier Bourgault (54) / Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Xavier Bourgault

Xavier Bourgault, a highly-touted prospect within the Edmonton Oilers' organization, represents a valuable trade asset as the team approaches the trade deadline. Selected 22nd overall in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft, Bourgault has shown immense promise as a dynamic forward who has the potential to be an NHL player in the future.

In 48 games so far this season for the Bakersfield Condors Bourgault has 17 points. He has 7 goals coupled with 10 assists. These numbers are a bit of a drop over his season last year where he had 13 goals and 21 assists in 62 games. While his numbers in the AHL aren’t anything special, his numbers and his play in the QMJHL were good enough to get him drafted 22nd overall.

Bourgault finds himself in a somewhat crowded depth chart within the Oilers' organization despite his potential. With the team in a win-now scenario, the Oilers don’t have the place for a player looking to learn, because of this opportunities for ice time at the NHL level are limited for the young forward in the immediate future within the Oilers organization.

Because of this, the Oilers could explore the possibility of leveraging Bourgault's value in trade negotiations to address areas of need on their roster. He would likely be a throw-in in a trade. Bourgault is still a young former first-round pick and a player like that is something any team would be interested in bringing into their organization.

While parting ways with a promising prospect like Bourgault is never an easy decision, the Edmonton Oilers must weigh the potential long-term benefits against the immediate gains that a trade could provide. Ultimately, Bourgault's value as a trade asset lies in his combination of skill, youth, and potential, making him an enticing option for teams looking to make a splash at the trade deadline.