Three Assets the Edmonton Oilers Can Trade Away at the Deadline

Edmonton Oilers weigh trade options to bolster playoff roster, eyeing valuable assets for strategic acquisitions

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As the NHL trade deadline approaches, the Edmonton Oilers are in a spot where they need to improve their team. With aspirations for a Stanley Cup run, the team must assess their assets carefully to address any weaknesses in their roster. Here are three potential assets the Oilers could consider trading away to bolster their chances.

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2024 First-Round Pick

The 2024 first-round pick is one of the top assets for the Edmonton Oilers as they approach the trade deadline. In the NHL first-round selections are one of the highest-valued assets for a team that is rebuilding. For the Oilers, parting ways with their first-round pick could provide an immediate boost to their roster, particularly in areas of need such as defensive depth or secondary scoring.

While picking a player in the first round of the draft is enticing, the Oilers find themselves in a spot where they need to win now. With superstar talents like Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl leading the charge, Edmonton's focus shifts from long-term growth to immediate contention. As such, trading away their 2024 first-round pick is a move that makes sense for the Oilers right now.

Of course, trading a first-round pick is not without risk. The unpredictability of the NHL draft means that the Oilers could potentially miss out on a future high-end player by trading away their pick. However, in a win-now mode, the opportunity to acquire established talent capable of making an immediate impact would outweigh the uncertainty associated with draft picks.

The Edmonton Oilers' 2024 first-round pick holds significant value as a trade asset even more so for a team that will be a seller at the deadline. While trading away a first-round selection carries some risk, the potential rewards in terms of bolstering the roster for a playoff push make it a compelling option for the Oilers as they try to plan for the trade deadline.