How the Success of the Edmonton Oilers will affect the post-season

The Edmonton Oilers are playing the best type of hockey with a respectable roster organized by the club's management and cheered on by its fans. This to date has to be an exciting time to be an Edmonton Oilers fan to the point that this will definitely be a year to remember.

Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers - Game Seven
Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers - Game Seven / Codie McLachlan/GettyImages

The start of the new year has proved to be successful for the Edmonton Oilers, to the point where the fanbase is quite optimistic about the post-season. The 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are set to take place in springtime, but, to analyze how the Oilers' success will affect the gauntlet of teams competing is the true question.

For the Oilers team to achieve success, it is crucial that they work together and continue to play as they are now. Making certain adjustments to their defensive gameplay will help accomplish more of a solid defensive type of performance, especially against the best in the league. This type of adjustment to their game, which they should work on, will help the forwards play a more relaxed game to help avoid pressurized moments during the last minutes of a game.

Another area the team should work on will be on bottom-six line-up to set the tone for the Oiler's team itself and to provide that added comfort level. The team must not dwell on this during games played, especially with the lead at hand. Because of the need to give the core group of players that added level of space to plan out ways of scoring or making plays in the offensive zone.

These areas of the game would be a good aspect to take into consideration which would develop a solid foundation for the team's arsenal and gameplay in general. To be more precise, the Edmonton Oilers team is a good team at the moment to contend with. However, depth players win games that the star players rely on to help them excel and produce more.

The skating ability is somewhat flawless for the Edmonton Oilers, but to be more accurate, this team will need a bit more grit to its arsenal by acquiring defensive-minded players in the bottom-six lineup that would be more established for the offensive onslaught to play with. Due to the reason the Oilers roster has enough scoring depth to its team, with a few prospects at hand.

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For the Edmonton Oilers, the best opportunity to explore the market and take a look at what teams would have those types of depth players available would be at large for the fanbase to get excited about. Trading key players, along with goaltender Jack Campbell, who has demonstrated excellent depth play in scoring will draw the eyes of other teams.

The playoffs are always a tough spectacle and for the fans and organization, this will be a fun ride.