Stressful Game Ends With Oilers Being Up 3-1 In Series

In low scoring game the Edmonton Oilers now head back home with a chance to close out the series.
Edmonton Oilers Evan Bouchard Takes Shot
Edmonton Oilers Evan Bouchard Takes Shot / Yannick Peterhans-USA TODAY Sports

Now that my heart has finally gotten back to a normal rate and so has my blood pressure, it is time to take a quick look at this game before I head off to sleep. Assuming you watched this game you are also feeling the same as me at this exact moment.

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This game while on the scoreboard has the Oilers winning 1-0 over the Los Angeles Kings the possession was not at all in the Oilers' favour tonight. The Oilers were able to score one on their lethal powerplay and Stuart Skinner was able to shut the door and not allow a single puck past him tonight. The Oilers were outshot 33-13, but Skinner was up to the task tonight.

Edmonton Oilers Defense Didn't Give Up Much

Earlier today I wrote that the Edmonton Oilers defense was going to need to be the best part of their game if they wanted to pull out a win tonight and there was no doubt that they were. Not to take anything away from Skinner's effort, but he never had to make any 5 star saves. That is because the team's defense buckled down and played a solid game.

Heading into this game both of these teams were definitely giving up way too many chances against and in tonight's game you could tell that the coaches must have been on them to lock it down and the players followed through. In the regular season, this would have been an extremely boring game as the Kings played their 1-3-1 well and didn't let the Oilers get anything going. The Oilers' defense didn't let much take place either. The only reason it was exciting was the cause of the weight of the game.

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The Edmonton Oilers will now head back home where they will have the chance the close out the series in 5 games. The way the Oilers are playing right now they should have no problem defeating the Kings on Wednesday. The only way the Oilers lose is if they get all fat and happy with their two wins in LA. I don't see that happening though and I think they will punch their ticket to the second round in game 5.