Slight Change In Oilers Bottom Six Ahead Of Game One

After the first practice before the Stanley Cup Finals it looks like there may have been a slight change in the bottom nine forwards.
Edmonton Oilers center Adam Henrique (19)
Edmonton Oilers center Adam Henrique (19) / Chris Jones-USA TODAY Sports

With the Stanley Cup Finals just a few days away we have seen our first change in the Edmonton Oilers' potential game-one lineup. While the Oilers played nearly perfect in game 5, their game 6 had many fans worried as they didn't get many shots and gave up a bunch. Perhaps that is why we are seeing a couple of line changes in this morning's practice.

While the Oilers ran similar lineups in game 5 and game 6, the way they looked on the ice was quite different. That could have to do with the Dallas Stars upping their game as their backs were against the wall, but only getting that few amount of shots on the net is something that if they hope to win a game in this series cannot happen again.

The changes that appear in this lineup that Knoblauch ran at the practice are only slightly different, but perhaps this slight change is enough to make a difference in the Oilers' play. The lineup that played a nearly perfect game was virtually the same lineup that only got 10 shots, so Knoblauch needed to make some changes.

Now I think the Oilers have a really good chance of beating the Florida Panthers but in order to win they will need to play their best. Playing their best starts with putting on the best possible lineup and Knoblauch so far this postseason seems to make all the right moves. The first thing he did was give Calvin Pickard a couple of starts to let Skinner reset himself. Then at the end of the Stars series, he brought in Broberg in the final two games.

Next. Considering the claim of Connor McDavid being called overrated. Considering the claim of Connor McDavid being called overrated. dark

While we wait till Saturday for this series to start be prepared for every single thing that either the Edmonton Oilers or Florida Panthers make to be analyzed and to be most likely overanalyzed. As a fan of the Oilers will still be part of it all and willing to absorb it all.-