3 reasons Jake Guentzel would be an outstanding addition for the Oilers

Since their 16-game winning streak, the Edmonton Oilers have lost more games than they won, signifying they shouldn’t be finished building their team just yet.

Pittsburgh Penguins v Minnesota Wild
Pittsburgh Penguins v Minnesota Wild / Nick Wosika/GettyImages
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Jake Guentzel would add more firepower to a remarkable Oilers offense

You could put Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl onto a rebuilding hockey team, and they would transform that organization within weeks, if not sooner. Put them onto a good team like the Oilers, and watch Edmonton perennially contend for the playoffs. Now add someone like Jake Guentzel, who would force opponents to keep up with a high-powered scoring attack on an almost nightly basis. 

While Guentzel’s 52 points pale compared to McDavid’s 89 and Draisaitl’s 71, plus the fact he would currently rank fifth on the team in points at the moment, it’s also important to remember he’s also playing for a Penguins team that hasn’t fared well offensively lately, sans their 7-6 win over the Philadelphia Flyers this past weekend. 

Just as with the example we used above with McDavid and Draisaitl taking a low-scoring team and immediately making their play in the offensive zone more relevant, Guentzel has done that with the Penguins, scoring 22 goals to go with an 11.9 shooting percentage. 

Now, put him onto a team like Edmonton, one that is currently eighth in scoring this season. He would complete a strong trio of scorers that also includes productive players like Evan Bouchard, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, and Zach Hyman.