Peter Chiarelli continues to haunt Edmonton Oilers fans

Even five years after Peter Chiarelli was fired by the Oilers, stories of his incompetence continue to come out, with Jason Demers the latest to tell all.
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If you feel a shiver going down the back of your spine when we mention Peter Chiarelli, then you're clearly an Oilers fan who lived through his reign of 'terror' in Edmonton. During nearly four years in Alberta, he hurtled from one calamity to another, to the point that you wondered if he was making all his decisions as one big joke at the expense of the Oilers; surely no one could be that incompetent as a general manager?!?!

Sadly though, it turned out that Chiarelli really was that bad, including making arguably the worst trade in team history, replacing Taylor Hall with Adam Larsson. Other disasters included moving Jordan Eberle for Ryan Strome and, as we referenced on Wednesday, signing Mikko Koskinen to a three-year extension despite the goalie having yet to prove himself over any extended period of time.

Another 'beauty' by Chiarelli, was signing Milan Lucic to a seven-year, $42 million deal, which even at the time seemed excessive. After playing decently -- not great, decently -- in his first season in Edmonton, he had subsequent campaigns of just 34 and 20 points respectively to highlight his poor play, resulting in the Oilers trading him to Calgary Flames.

Demers spills the beans

Now though, we're able to share some more information on the background behind the negotiations to sign Lucic in the first place back in 2016. As per Oilers Nation, the team almost signed Jason Demers, but the deal to sign Lucic 'kind of got in the way'.

Demers explains that he was in town with his dad to meet the Oilers, having been told the team really needed a right-shot defenceman. He explained during his interview with Oilers Nation, that he was really keen to sign.

The story goes that Demers and his dad were taken out for dinner, along with Lucic, who kept getting up and leaving the table. Chiarelli repeatedly following the winger, with the two going to talk in the corner.

Able to see the positive in a farcical situation

Demers said that he soon realised Lucic and Chiarelli were negotiating a deal, with the money eventually getting up to the point where he realised there would be none left to sign him. He can thankfully see the funny side of the matter, saying that at least he got a free dinner.

Chiarelli apologised to Demers and his dad when they were driving back to the hotel, saying that he guessed they probably heard what was going on during dinner. Regardless of how funny the story will sound to an outsider, what a classless way to handle things, only further proving what a piece of work the former Boston Bruins general manager was.

We have no doubt Lucic used his previous relationship with Chiarelli in order to drive up his price, but in the end both turned out to be failures in Edmonton. Just think how the money Lucic signed for, could have been used elsewhere to improve the team. including possibly signing Demers.

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Demers would eventually play for the Oilers, albeit just one game last season. If nothing else, we thank him for shedding even more light on how truly awful Chiarelli was, in this case both as a professional and as a person.

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