Oilers could kill two birds with one stone as they look at their trade options

The Oilers have a couple of routes to take as they attempt to improve their roster, whether it be by addition or subtraction.
Edmonton Oilers v Anaheim Ducks
Edmonton Oilers v Anaheim Ducks / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

The Oilers have arguably been the most disappointing team in the NHL so far this season. And just when it looked like they had got back on track with an eight-game winning streak, they ruined it with losses in their last three contests.

Oilers fans have every right to be nervous right now. As much as the team is renowned for making slow starts to the season, something just feels off overall about them this time around.

It really did seem as if the Oilers had sorted themselves out, looking more like last season's team during the run of eight wins. However, the three consecutive losses have brought back all the concerns about the overall defensive efforts, with them averaging the sixth-most average goals against despite facing the fourth-fewest shots per game in the NHL prior to Thursday's action.

In particular, the need to bring in a quality goaltender has once again been highlighted. Whether it be to operate as a backup or part of a tandem, Stuart Skinner requires some help.

The Campbell-sized elephant in the room

The Oilers wouldn't be in this mess, if their decision to sign Jack Campbell hadn't backfired so spectacularly. To say he's been a disappointment would be a major disappointment, with him being an expensive one to boot.

You can't criticise the Oilers for signing Campbell at the time. After all, his talent was there for all to see, with him also being named an All-Star in 2022.

However, even without the benefit of hindsight, the five-year, $25 million deal seemed excessive. For all his undoubted ability, the 31-year-old has never been particularly consistent.

In any event, the Oilers are now at a point where they just want to get rid of Campbell, especially as it would free up salary cap space to find that aforementioned quality replacement between the pipes. The thing is though, can you really see a team wanting to take him on, given his contract combined with his current form?

Dreger has a solution

Well, according to Darren Dreger there may well be a feasible way to accomplish this after all. Although it would come with what could be considered a gamble that might easily backfire.

Appearing on TSN's Insider Trading, Dreger said that Philip Broberg would be key in any trade involving Campbell. More specifically, that the blue-liner could essentially be an enticement to persuade a team to also take the Oilers' embattled goaltender.

Broberg has undoubtedly disappointed so far in Edmonton, yet to live up to the potential which convinced the Oilers to select him eighth overall in the 2019 draft. In fact, there are those who wonder if he is already a draft bust.

Things have gotten to the point for the 22-year-old, that the Oilers assigned in to Bakersfield. At this stage, there is genuine doubt that he has a long-term future in Edmonton, hence why Dreger believes he is candidate to be traded.

No easy decision

Of course, as much as Broberg has disappointed with the Oilers, he is still considered a talented defenceman with intriguing upside. This is where the gamble aspect clearly comes in for the team, given he could still quite easily develop into the top-pairing blue-liner he was projected to be when drafted.

There is no denying the Oilers do need another goaltender, and removing Cambell would certainly help in this respect. However, it is about weighing up if this justifies also parting company with Broberg, which of course isn't a straightforward decision to make.

In respect of targeting the necessary goalie upgrade specifically, there are other assets which can be feasibly considered. This includes the likes of Brett Kulak, Dylan Holloway and a first round draft pick.

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If nothing else, at least the Oilers do have several options in their pursuit of help between the pipes. However, whatever they do end up doing, it needs to be sooner than later, because the team is already in a precarious position when it comes to competing for a playoff spot.