Oilers Stanley Cup Final trip has been a big win for Edmonton

Even though the Edmonton Oilers have struggled so far in the Stanley Cup Final, it's still been a major overall success for the city.
Edmonton Rides An Economic Wave
Edmonton Rides An Economic Wave / George Rose/GettyImages

They often say that sport reflects society, with the Edmonton Oilers appearing in this season's Stanley Cup Final offering yet another prime example. As per Oil on Whyte's Devon Hladunewich, the cheapest ticket on offer for game three on Thursday night in Edmonton is a jaw-dropping $1,003.00.

As much as people will argue supply and demand plays a part, it still really is shocking just how much it will cost to go and see the Oilers in action at Rogers Place. They are far too many genuine and loyal fans who will miss out on seeing their beloved team in action on the ultimate stage, with money being the bottom line.

Along these lines, the Oilers' run to the Stanley Cup Final can be considered a success for the city of Edmonton from a financial perspective. As per Aaron Sousa of Global News, the team helped generate an estimated $179 million to the local economy during the first three rounds of the playoffs.

People helping local businesses

Unsurprisingly, the majority of the money has come from Edmonton's downtown core. People have flocked to the various hotels, restaurants, bars and other local businesses since the playoffs began.

As per Sousa, Janelle Janis of Explore Edmonton is delighted to see the positive exposure the city of Edmonton is receiving on both a national and wider stage. She said: "One of the most special things about the NHL playoff run that we’ve had is it’s truly united Edmontonians, and as a destination marketing organisation, what we’ve learned is that your biggest ambassadors are your citizens. So to have Edmontonians come together and be united for the Oilers has been really special. I think we’ve taken our pride back for the city and I hope to see that continue."

As much as we will continue to have a negative view on the extortionate prices being charged for Stanley Cup Final tickets (and the playoffs in general), we can still appreciate the positive impact on businesses in Edmonton. Particularly the likes of the smaller business, as well as staff in restaurants, bars, etc, who rely on tips as part of their wages.

Oilers doing -- more than -- their bit for charity

Still on the subject of money and in respect of the Oilers specifically, they do have to be given credit for how much money they've raised for charity. As per Darcy Ropchan of City News, the organisation has raised more than $17 million for various charities around Edmonton.

Named the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation, they have raised money for the likes of the Edmonton Foodbank, Humane Society, Canadian Red Cross, and Free Play for Kids. The money is raised in a number of ways, including through donations and 50/50 tickets.

The Oilers have also raised money for the battle to help young children suffering with cancer, including research. We would implore you to read Ropchan's article, which includes a couple of stories about young Oilers fans with cancer. (Both inspiring and heart-breaking.)

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Overall, what the Oilers need now to do is get back into their series versus the Florida Panthers, by winning the next two games back at home. Aside from actually given the team a chance of winning the Stanley Cup, the longer the series continues, the more money can be generated for all the local businesses and charities.

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