If the Oilers expect to win Evander Kane needs to be in their top 6

Discover why Evander Kane's role in the Edmonton Oilers' top six could be the missing piece for Stanley Cup success. Read more for insights on his impact.

Edmonton Oilers left wing Evander Kane (91)
Edmonton Oilers left wing Evander Kane (91) / Timothy T. Ludwig-USA TODAY Sports

The Edmonton Oilers, cup favorites coming into the season are striving for a Stanley Cup victory. However, despite boasting talents like Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl, their journey to hockey's ultimate prize has had some challenges with consistency. One solution that could significantly bolster their chances lies in the utilization of Evander Kane within their top six forwards.

Evander Kane, known for his dynamic playing style and scoring ability, brings a unique skill set to the Oilers' lineup. Despite facing controversies off the ice, Kane's on-ice performance has consistently proven his value as a top-six forward. Here's why his presence in the Oilers' top lines could be a game-changer.

Kane adds depth and versatility to the forward lines. While McDavid and Draisaitl undoubtedly carry the bulk of the offensive load, having Kane alongside one of them would create a formidable line that opponents cannot afford to ignore. His ability to drive play, create scoring chances, and finish around the net would alleviate some of the pressure on Edmonton's superstars, making the team less predictable and more dangerous in the offensive zone.

Kane’s physical presence brings an element of grit and toughness that the Oilers sometimes lack. In the fast-paced, physical playoffs, having players who can excel in the rough-and-tumble aspects of the game is crucial. Kane's willingness to engage in board battles, deliver bone-crushing hits, and stand up for his teammates would provide invaluable support to the Oilers' skilled players while also demoralizing opponents.

Kane's hunger for winning adds an invaluable attitude to the locker room. As a veteran player with over a decade of NHL experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and playoff pedigree to a team hungry for success. His presence could help mentor younger players, but putting him in the top six he could lead by example on the ice as well.

Critics may point to Kane's demeanour on and off the ice as cause for concern, but it's essential to judge him based on his on-ice performance and contributions to the team. If the Oilers are serious about contending for the Stanley Cup, they must prioritize assembling the most competitive roster possible, and including Evander Kane in their top six is a step in the right direction.

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Evander Kane's inclusion in the Edmonton Oilers' top six forwards would provide a significant boost to the team's chances of success. His scoring ability, physical presence, and examples on and off the ice make him a valuable asset. If the Oilers want to hoist the Stanley Cup, they need to recognize the potential impact Kane can have and integrate him into their lineup accordingly.