Nikita Zadorov just lost the series for the Canucks.....with his mouth

Nikita Zadorov just broke the cardinal rule of playoff hockey - never give your opposition ammunition against you.
Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks - Game One
Edmonton Oilers v Vancouver Canucks - Game One / Derek Cain/GettyImages
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What's the aftermath going to be?

Expect a lot of backlash against Zadorov, both on and off the ice now. These comments from Zadorov had a most unfortunate timing as the series - for him - will now be coming to enemy territory here in Edmonton, which means he just gave the enemy ammunition when the enemy will be playing on home turf (ice).

On the ice, he'll will now have a target on his back. If this doesn't wake up the physical play of Corey Perry and motivate Evander Kane to lead the team in hits in the playoffs by an even bigger margin, then I don't know what will. There will be more than a few willing combatants to fight Zadorov, guaranteed. The fans will be booing him every time he touches the puck or attempts to make any sort of play - and in Edmonton, which has a reputation for being one of - if not the - loudest arenas in the NHL (especially come playoff time), then it becomes that much harder for Zadorov to ignore, even though that's what visiting NHL players are supposed to do.

Off the ice, if Zadorov is spotted around Edmonton I guarantee you he'll be yelled at, at every turn. Don't be surprised if someone pelts the Canucks' team bus with eggs, beverages, or garbage now if Oiler fans see it around the city over the next couple of days. For the record - and legal reasons - I'm not suggesting or endorsing you doing it to Zadorov (although he would deserve it), I'm just suggesting there's a good chance it will happen. Edmontonians are proud of their hockey team, and relentlessly cheer it on, especially during playoff time.

After the playoffs in 2006, the city of Edmonton had to bring in new bylaws to cut down on the high frequency of minor crimes being committed in the city's #1 entertainment district (Whyte Avenue), to the point where it socially engineered a kinder, gentler entertainment district and ensured that all future entertainment districts that were created (Downtown, the Brewery District, Ice District, Mayfield Common, and 124 Street) didn't have the same frequency or closeness of places that sling suds and lead to the rioting, public urination, vandalism, assults, etc. that can come with the Oilers going on a long playoff run.

(Perhaps since recreational weed has been legal in Edmonton since 2018, that might help mitigate the effects on people, since typically marijuana makes you more calm and less aggressive than alcohol does.....)

Not to mention if I'm Kris Knoblauch, I've already written Zadorov's quote on a white board or smartboard somewhere and brought it to the player's attention, so they can shove some Edmonton civic pride down Zadorov's throat and give them the extra motivation they need to beat Vancouver and move onto the third round.

Ever seen the movie Major League? If not, I'd recommend it because it's about this very subject - and in the movie they created a cardboard cutout of the owner just so they could use it as motivation to win - something I would bet Knoblauch has already done by writing the quote down and showing it to the players.

Here's what really boggles my mind about Zadorov's comments

Zadorov has played in the NHL for 12 seasons now and not once has he played a single game for the Oilers, nor as far as I know does he keep an offseason home in Edmonton. So this means, having spent nothing more than a few days at a time here in Edmonton, with very limited free time when he's here, how can he then make these comments? How can you say there's nothing to do in Edmonton when he's never lived here? I don't get it.....