It Has All Led To This For The Edmonton Oilers

After a long season and playoffs, the Edmonton Oilers 2023-24 season all comes down to one winner takes all game.
2024 Stanley Cup Final
2024 Stanley Cup Final / Bruce Bennett/GettyImages

Tonight is the night for Oilers fans. The Edmonton Oilers have a chance to lift Lord Stanley tonight. While it has been a long time waiting for the Oilers and their fans this team has the skill and players to win, so being here is no fluke.

The same can be said for the Florida Panthers. They are a good team, if they weren't they wouldn't have made it this far. One thing that we haven't seen from the Panthers is what they look like with their backs against the wall. From game one till now the Panthers have been playing with house money, they are all out of that now. So does that mean we get a different Panthers team or not?

While I think we have seen the best Panthers team in game 5 in this series, that does not mean that they can not get any better, but for this Oilers team, I have no doubt that they have the ability to weather any storm that the Panthers can produce. In order to win the Oilers will need to play their best game as well.

The Oilers have played nearly perfect games in the last 3 games. This has me in a weird spot of limbo. On the one hand, I think they have it figured out and the Panthers have no chance. On my other hand, the one that has known the Oilers for too long, I think their luck has to run out. In all fairness, I think the Oilers will play an excellent game tonight, but the decade of darkness did some bad things to me.

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With around 2 hours till puck drop I know most of Oil Country is walking on eggshells right now when thinking or talking about the Oilers, me included. We all need to get behind this team for one more game. One more game could end in them being labelled as the Stanley Cup Champions.