3 intriguing Oilers prospects who should make the jump in 2024-25

The Edmonton Oilers don’t have a remarkable prospects pool, but there are quite a few who they can stand to hang onto regardless of this season’s results.

Edmonton Oilers v Seattle Kraken
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Matvey Petrov is one prospect you don’t want to underestimate

Yep, we’re going with a surprise prospect here! Matvey Petrov is the one name on this list who isn’t likely to make an immediate jump in 2024-25, but it doesn’t mean his value won’t rise as the season progresses. The former sixth-round pick has just 11 points and seven goals in 43 contests for the Condors this season, so the production has to increase before he makes it to the NHL. 

But Petrov was among the best players in the OHL during his time there, putting up 90-plus points in the regular season in 2021-22 and 2022-23, while registering 100-plus in both seasons when you count the playoffs. It shows just how much damage Petrov can do offensively, and as his role in the AHL expands, you should see an uptick in production. 

He made a seamless transition to the North American game, so even if Petrov is ranked lower and, by extension, brings lower expectations than many in the prospects pool, he is that one player intriguing enough to keep an eye on. If he progresses well next season, don’t be surprised if he’s on the lower lines in Edmonton down the stretch. 


(Statistics provided by Elite Prospects)