Golden Knights' Playoff Dreams Dim as Oilers Surge

Edmonton Oilers surge as Vegas Golden Knights stumble, jeopardizing playoff hopes. Can Oilers capitalize?

Mar 7, 2024; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Vancouver Canucks center Elias Pettersson (40) celebrates a goal against Vegas Golden Knights
Mar 7, 2024; Las Vegas, Nevada, USA; Vancouver Canucks center Elias Pettersson (40) celebrates a goal against Vegas Golden Knights / Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

As the Edmonton Oilers continue their pursuit of the Stanely Cup, the landscape of the Pacific Division is winding down intriguingly, making it very interesting from an Oilers fan's perspective. With there being under 20 games left in the season the landscape of the Division is slightly different than we would have expected it to be a month ago.

Just over a month ago, the Oilers found themselves trailing the Vegas Golden Knights in the division standings, seemingly destined for a first-round showdown. However, it seems there has been a lot of change within the division, propelling the Oilers into contention and casting doubt on the Golden Knights' postseason aspirations.

In their last 10 games, the Oilers have showcased their resilience and determination, posting an impressive record of 7-2-1. This surge in form has propelled them to 83 points in 64 games, firmly establishing their presence in the playoff race. Meanwhile, the Golden Knights, once considered formidable contenders, have stumbled, mustering a lackluster record of 3-6-1 in their last ten outings.

As Oilers fans celebrate their team's resurgence, there is a sense of cautious optimism tinged with anticipation. The prospect of facing the Golden Knights in the first round, which once seemed like a foregone conclusion, now seems less likely. Instead, the Oilers find themselves locked into at least second in the Division, poised to capitalize on the Golden Knights' misfortunes and secure a more favorable playoff matchup.

However, within the excitement of the Oilers' climb up the standings, there is still the chance that the Golden Knights right their ship and climb back up the standings. The Golden Knights, despite their recent struggles, remain a strong team and are more than capable of mounting a comeback when least expected.

For Oilers fans, the focus remains on their team's performance and the hope to pass the Canucks for first place. While the Golden Knights' playoff dreams may be fading, the Oilers must remain playing strong to keep their momentum going. Every point matters, and every game presents an opportunity to strengthen their playoff position and cement their status as legitimate Stanely Cup contenders.

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As Oilers fans bask in the glow of their team's resurgence, the struggles of the Golden Knights offer a compelling story to the unfolding late-season drama of the NHL season. While the road to the playoffs may be filled with challenges, the Oilers stand poised to make a deep run and whether they must go through the Golden Knights or not the end goal is still the Stanely Cup.