The few issues for the Edmonton Oilers heading into the Post-Season

The Edmonton Oilers have secured their respective playoff berth, yet it is to be determined who they will face in the first round. The issues the club will face will have to be handled with special care and guidance.
Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings - Game Six
Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings - Game Six / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Edmonton Oilers are heading into the playoffs with a confident approach to how they play as a combined unit, however, there will be a few issues that will need to be looked upon and maintained with a level of diligence.

To advance to the second round the Oilers team will have to focus on their weaknesses in the first round and work on them while competing during their matchup of winning 4 games in round one. This will help them find themselves as a dominant team once again and may ease the way they handle last-minute disruptions during a game.

With the perception that this team is ready to hoist the Stanley Cup, there will be times when the Edmonton Oilers will face adversity during the playoffs and come across scenarios that will affect their respective game and confidence.

The issues the Edmonton Oilers will face during the stretch of the playoffs

In the first round, the Oilers will need to address the chemistry it plays with thoroughly by determining the lineups and the matchups it will use to play against the teams it will compete with. It will take a lot of dedication and heart to play with each other at this stage and the need to be aware of each other's game will be the X-factor for the club.

From the moment the Oilers face adversity or a common block in the post-season, all eyes will be focusing on them and the media will start to question the ability of the well-built club and the roster it has, not to mention what went wrong for the Edmonton Oilers team in the final stages, if so.

This is where the club will have to adjust its focus and compel themselves to a well-disciplined game, not only to complement each other's gameplay but to play according to the coach's deadlock style of motivation that will help them excel through difficult times, especially when on a slump.

This will help with two aspects of the team, which will come in handy and will give the players a chance to play the game according to their style and contribute to the team's need for gameplay to give themselves a chance to work as a combined unit.

The main aspect of the Edmonton Oilers will have to work on

The Edmonton Oilers are a complete team, to say the least, the obstacles they will face will be more than the players' chemistry and working as a combined unit. For the team to succeed, they will have to face the most important aspect of the playoffs.

This will be the mental determination they will play with and the foreseeable focus to call the games in their favour as they play in their matchups. This will be the most important piece to the puzzle that the Edmonton Oilers players who have served with the team in the past few seasons and resulted in a playoff exit.

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To be more consistent with their determination through the plays they will work on and be more thorough with the gameplay in the games the team will play in. It will give them the respect and praise from analysts, especially the most coveted trophy in the league, the Stanley Cup the City of Edmonton deserves to win.