Edmonton Oilers Weaknesses that need to addressed

The Edmonton Oilers are on fire lately, however, the careless mistakes made may cost them in the long run.

Montreal Canadiens v Edmonton Oilers
Montreal Canadiens v Edmonton Oilers / Lawrence Scott/GettyImages

The Edmonton Oilers are a dominant hockey team, because of the strong roster assembled by General Manager Ken Holland and his staff, not to mention that the team has a strong coaching staff as well.

This is the best team assembled by an NHL club since the Detroit Redwings days in the early 2000s. In respect to the complete team effort, however, there needs to be work in certain areas of the game, which need to be addressed sooner, rather than later, because of the timeline left in the season.

On the road to the post-season, there will have to be certain changes to the gameplay, which is taking away from crucial chances in the offensive zone and may result in costly play's by the opposing team's in general.

The biggest threat to the Edmonton Oilers' gameplay is their over-aggressiveness, which is resulting in penalties to the Oilers players. The biggest mistakes they are making are in the offensive zone when they are on the forecheck. This aspect when the formations are on the attack, the forwards, along with the defensemen seem to take careless penalties during opportune times, or late stages of the game, when at large is at risk.

The Oiler's formation needs to be more agile with discipline and needs to keep consistent with their forecheck more professionally.

The other weaknesses of the Edmonton Oilers

In the defensive end, this Edmonton Oilers team does a fine job of handling business, however, it sometimes lacks the effort to block shots on a more consistent basis. Not to mention, defend the puck in the neutral zone.

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This aspect would be ideal to watch for and cover with a diligent approach. The battle in the center is strong in general, however, the puck movement should be polished, even as it is diligent as it is. Not taking anything away from the Oiler's roster and lineup which is strong, to say the least.

The Edmonton Oilers will be a dominant team to deal with in the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.