Edmonton Oilers In Calgary To Take On Calgary Flames

The Oilers look to build on a big win last night and beat the Flames.
Edmonton Oilers center Leon Draisaitl (29) controls the puck
Edmonton Oilers center Leon Draisaitl (29) controls the puck / Sergei Belski-USA TODAY Sports

The Edmonton Oilers are in Calgary to take on the Calgary Flames in the final Battle Of Alberta of this season. While these two teams have two different futures moving on from this game they still want to make a point against each other.

The Flames will not be making the playoffs once again. The last game the Flames played in the playoffs was against the Oilers when Connor McDavid scored the OT winner to eliminate them. Since then the Flames have gone through a lot of changes and have yet to make it back in the postseason.

The Oilers on the other hand have had success in both the regular season and have lost to the eventual cup winners in the past seasons and were one of the cup favourites coming into this season. They just clinched a playoff spot last night so they are on track to have a chance at the cup.

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For the Flames the main goal for them will be to play for jobs next year, that makes them a scary team as their depth players will be giving it all they have as they are playing for a job next year with the Flames or another team. Since they have no hopes of the playoffs they can also play the role of spoiler.

The Oilers are trying to track down the Vancouver Canucks for first in the Pacific Division. There is quite a hill to climb as they are 5 points back with only 7 games left in the season. The only hope the Oilers have in catching them is if they win the majority of their games and the Canucks falter. The Oilers do have one game in hand and one head-to-head game left. If these both go in the favour of the Oilers they will still be one point back.

The potential of catching them is still there, but securing 2nd place is the more likely outcome, considering the gap the Oilers have started to make. Just as the Oilers are 5 back of the Canucks the Oilers are 5 ahead of the Golden Knights, but the Knights have no game in hand on the Oilers.

Oilers Vs Flames

A Battle of Alberta is always fun to watch because the Oilers and Flames fans tend to cheer louder for these games than others, but on the ice, I don't know if the rivalry is like it was a couple of years ago. With the Flames not being competitive these games lack standing implications.

On paper, the Edmonton Oilers should be able to walk out of tonight with 2 points. I am concerned that the Oilers will have an emotional letdown after playing such an emotional game last night against the Colorado Avalanche. Having won the game in the fashion they did, this game may be tough for them to get up to.

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Hopefully, the Battle of Alberta fire will be enough to get the Oilers players up for the game tonight. I think it will and I expect the Oilers to win this game by at least 2 goals. With the Flames on a death march and the Oilers trying to gear up for the playoffs, they are in two different spots mentally.