Edmonton Oilers Start California Road Trip Against San Jose Sharks

The Edmonton Oiler will face the Sharks tomorrow in San Jose at 8:30MST
Nov 9, 2023; San Jose, California, USA; San Jose Sharks and their fans celebrate after the win
Nov 9, 2023; San Jose, California, USA; San Jose Sharks and their fans celebrate after the win / Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

The Edmonton Oilers hopefully had a good couple of days off for the Christmas break, but hopefully, they didn't relax too much. Heading into the break the Oilers were on a two game winning streak and playing good hockey. Hopefully, they can keep that momentum going forward into this three game road trip.

The Oilers will open up that three game road trip tomorrow night against the San Jose Sharks. Prior to the break, the Oilers were riding a two game winning streak after beating the Rangers and the Devils. The Sharks are the worst team in the NHL, so I would assume the Oilers should beta them..... but I thought that last time.

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The Oilers are currently five points out of the final wildcard spot. With more than 50 games left in the schedule, there is a lot of time to end up in a wildcard spot. That chase will start again tomorrow. Where the Oilers need to get a much needed two points.

The Oilers can no longer afford to lose games to teams below them in the standings. Those a critical games in the race for a playoff spot. Being that small of a distance behind, by the end of this road trip if the Oilers win all three games they could be in a playoff spot.

Oilers Vs Sharks Quick Preview

So far this season the San Jose Sharks are pretty much the team most people thought they would be. Last season they really only had one thing going for them and that was Erik Karlsson. In the offseason though they trade him to Pittsburg. Now they have nothing going for them.

Their record is exactly what it should be, only winning nine games through 34 games is pretty bad, but the Sharks are a pretty bad team. They are the worst team in goals against and goals for, so the Oilers should win this game even though they have struggled to score like they have in the past.

The big question for the Oilers is can they stop the big mistakes defensively? That issue caused them to lose the first game against the Sharks. The Oilers were almost able to come back in that game, but they turned it on way too late.

Edmonton Oilers Look to Heat Up and Make a Push for the Playoffs After Holiday Break. dark. NEXT. NEXT

The thing that could also cause an issue for the Edmonton Oilers tomorrow night is they take it too easy on the Sharks because they are the last-place team. Even if they are last place they are still an NHL team and they have pride. There is nothing more they would like than to be 2-0 against the start of season Stanely Cup favourite Edmonton Oilers.