4 Edmonton Oilers players who surprised us the most in 2023-24

The Edmonton Oilers got it together in 2023-24 and are set for a deep playoff run, but it took more than just Connor McDavid to make it happen.
Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers
Vancouver Canucks v Edmonton Oilers / Lawrence Scott/GettyImages
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Warren Foegele’s play skyrocketed throughout a contract year

Warren Foegele entered the 2023-24 season hoping to get a new contract with the Oilers, and while that new deal has yet to materialize, somebody out there will give him his money’s worth. We’ll know by the end of the week whether Foegele maintains his half-point per game pace, but regardless if he falls short, the 28-year-old still put together an unprecedented season. 

Between Games 1 and 80, the winger had 40 points and 19 goals, and he also shattered his career-high with 190 shots on net. What’s more impressive? Foegele’s offense overall helped Edmonton score 48 goals at even strength, and his 56.1 Corsi For Percentage further backs up what he accomplished in 2023-24. 

Like the other players listed, the increased offensive efficiency did not come at the expense of Foegele’s defense. No, he wasn’t as physical, but Foegele still landed 88 body checks, and he also achieved a career-high with 31 blocked shots. Add in another 38 takeaways, and it’s safe to say Foegele’s play defensively led to even more chances for the Oilers. 

In 2024-25, we don’t know what uniform Foegele will find himself in, but we do know he will be a valuable asset somewhere in the league. Look for him to receive a payday and line up on someone’s middle-six.