3 Edmonton Oilers players who won’t be back next season

While the Edmonton Oilers remain in a prime position to make the 2024 NHL Playoffs, it’s not too early to talk about inevitable roster turnover for the upcoming offseason.
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Warren Foegele will be looking to cash in when he tests the free agent market

Warren Foegele is one player Holland should do everything in his power to bring back to Edmonton, even if the likelihood of it happening is less than slim. Foegele may only have 36 points on the year in 70 games, but for him, it’s been a career season. 

Foegele has already hit his career-best in points, and there is a good chance he ends the season at the 20-goal threshold. He’s also been a force defensively, and his Corsi For at 5-on-5 just keeps getting better. The winger will get his payday in free agency, and it’s all just a matter of whether Holland is able to fork out the cash alongside guaranteed extensions coming up for Draisaitl and Bouchard as to whether he ultimately sticks around in Edmonton.

Foegele is the one example on this list who will end up elsewhere not because of poor or up-and-down play, but because of how well he’s performed in his role this year. If Holland manages to trade away Ceci and Campbell, perhaps he will have enough to keep Foegele around and for a respectable length of time, regardless of how much he pays Draisaitl and Bouchard.

If not, the 27-year-old will become an integral part of someone’s organization, even if it’s not in Edmonton. And if he can parlay this season’s success into something more at his next stop, there is a good chance Foegele moves into the upper echelon tier in the league. 


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