3 Edmonton Oilers players who won’t be back next season

While the Edmonton Oilers remain in a prime position to make the 2024 NHL Playoffs, it’s not too early to talk about inevitable roster turnover for the upcoming offseason.

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Jack Campbell won’t stick around the organization following the season

If there is any one player in Edmonton’s organization who everyone knew would be long gone since October, it’s Jack Campbell. We all know how badly the 32-year-old played early this year, and there is no way the Oilers will keep paying such a high buried cap penalty until the 2026-27 season. 

Look for the Oilers to extend Pickard if he doesn’t test the market, and that will give them stability in the net next season and perhaps the following year while they find a suitor for Campbell. Even if Pickard enters free agency and doesn't re-sign, there is also a chance Olivier Rodrigue shows enough to move up

At that point, the younger, more upstart Rodrigue would appear to be the much better fit over Campbell, who looks nowhere near the goaltender he was earlier in his career. Through his short time with the Oilers, Campbell has 41 appearances, 22 wins, a 3.53 GAA, an 0.886 save percentage, and a quality starts percentage of just 0.333. 

But the Oilers may not have a tough time trading the star-crossed netminder thanks to the success he sustained earlier in his career. Flashing back to his two full years in Toronto, Campbell had 71 appearances, 48 wins, a 0.916 save percentage, a 2.49 GAA, and seven shutouts. 

If a goaltender-needy team is looking to take a flier on an established player, they may be interested in Campbell, even if he won’t go for much at this time.