Edmonton Oilers: A Peek into the TSN Trade Bait Board

The NHL trade deadline is this Friday. Let us take a look at the TSN Trade Bait Board to see how it connects to the Edmonton Oilers.
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Oilers could trade for Guentzel
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Players the Oilers Could Trade For Off The TSN Trade Bait List

Along with assets going away from the Oilers in a trade, several players on the list would interest the Oilers and help make their team better. The problem that comes with this is do the Oilers have what the other team is looking for.

#2-Jake Guentzel

Jake Guentzel is the highest ranking forward in this list and for good reason. In the 40 games he has played, he has 16 goals and 17 assists. Even though he is currently injured he is set to come back around the deadline.

Of all the players available Guentzel would come come with the highest cost for a rental player. I don't know if the Oilers are going to be willing to pay that amount, but if they did there is no doubt in mind he would be a good fit in the top 6 for this team.

#3- Adam Henrique

Adam Henrique would be a perfect depth addition to the Edmonton Oilers. He would be a clear upgrade on any player in the bottom six. He would be used in a shutdown role and on the penalty kill. Which is something the Oilers are looking for.

If a trade was made for Henrique, I would this trade to include Warren Foegele going the other way to make the money work. Foegele going the other way would also open up a roster spot where Henrique could slide right in.

#10- Pavel Buchnevich

Pavel Buchnevich has been rumored a lot in connection with the Edmonton Oilers. Similar to Guentzel, Buchnevich would help in the Oilers' top six, but he could also help in the bottom six if needed.

The reason I would rather see Buchnevich get traded to the Oilers is he does have an extra year left on his deal. He wouldn't just be a rental he would be on this team for the whole next season as well. That will make his cost higher, but I think it would be worth it.

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When the Oilers make a move this week I hope that it makes the team better. I honestly don't care if they overpay a little bit this deadline. They need to improve their team if they hope to win the cup, the trade deadline is the last opportunity to do that during this season.