What the Edmonton Oilers need during this stretch

The Edmonton Oilers are on a winning streak, however, the team must show maturity and poise to compete because of the implications this season has in regards to going down the stretch of the season into the 2024 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.
Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche - Game One
Edmonton Oilers v Colorado Avalanche - Game One / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

The Edmonton Oilers team is showing good poise during a 9-game winning streak

After the past 9-games, the Edmonton Oilers are showing great poise in their game and coming out strong in most contests. The team is dominating in many fashions and can dictate the game to their advantage. The compete level is at an all-time high and most importantly the Edmonton Oilers are a well-coached team overall. The system is presenting many opportunities for the players in the lineup and is giving the fans the excitement to win this year.

This is the reason, the roster in the Oiler's lineup must and needs to show more maturity under their new system of gameplay and take the time to understand what matters most in a notable season-worthy effort. The team would benefit from such awareness and help its presence excel a great deal because of how the roster has been compiled with hopefully a couple more tweaks to go. This is an ideal situation the Edmonton Oilers players can use to their advantage.

Not to mention the positives it would give the players overall during the stretch till the end of the season.

The Edmonton Oilers notables during this 9-game winning streak

After observing these past 9-games during the winning streak, it is important to note that the number of turnovers the Oilers team is giving up has declined under the new system. Their ability to create turnovers in the defensive zone has somewhat increased and is presenting many opportunities in the offensive zone. This is an ideal aspect to watch for in the playoffs for the Oilers as the battle along the boards and the neutral zone will be key factors for the team, as well as defense.

Key players will also have to step up with the leadership to encourage the players, not to mention adding a couple of veteran, agile pieces to the team with a gritty yet scoring approach with the ability to keep the defensive zone complete from mistakes. The need would be to keep the composure they play with and manage to help each other figure out their gameplay respectfully in a manner that would help make them depth players at an advanced.

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Goaltending will be another aspect to watch for as well as the defensive game. It will help keep the loss record low and help the Oilers team in a winning manner. Giving the team its dominating effect they play with and compete to the best of their ability. From an analyst's perspective this team is doing everything it can to win games and play hard, time-management on-ice with composure and maturity will give the team an added edge to play against the best that will help dominate in the standings.