The Edmonton Oilers Are Locked In Second Place In Pacific Division, First Round Opponent Still Unknown

With the Vancouver Canucks winning last night the Oilers can only finish in 2nd in the Pacific, who they will play is still a mystery.
The Edmonton Oilers celebrate a goal scored
The Edmonton Oilers celebrate a goal scored / Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

After the Oilers lost the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday we all knew that the odds of them taking over the top spot in the Pacific Division was going to be a nearly impossible task. Last night the Oilers were cemented in second place as the Canucks beat the Calgary Flames last night by a score of 4-1.

Although the Oilers know where they will finish they still don't know who they will be playing in the first round. We know it will either be the Vegas Golden Knights or the Los Angeles Kings. Both teams have one game remaining, and they are both against weak teams. The Kings face the second-worst team in the NHL, the Chicago Blackhawks, and the Knights face the third-worst in the Anaheim Ducks.

The Breakdown

As it sits right now the Golden Knights have 98 points and the Los Angeles Kings have 97 points. The Kings own the tie break though currently have 3 more regulation wins than the Knights. So for the Kings to have a chance to catch the Knights the Knights cannot get a full two points. For the Kings the claim third spot they will need to at least get to extra time.

If the Knights lose in regulation and the Kings go to overtime the Kings will take third in the Pacific, if the Knights lose in overtime and the Kings get the two points, the Kings also get third. If the Knights win the game and get the full two points they will finish in third. If the Kings lose in regulation then that third spot will go to the Knights.

Both of these teams' final games take place tomorrow. The Kings will have 30 minutes to watch the Knights play as their game starts 30 minutes later. This could be good and bad, either they will see that the Knights can be caught or they will see there is nothing left to play for till the playoffs start.

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Going into the playoffs I honestly don't see either of these teams taking down the Oilers in the first round. Each opponent has its mental challanges though, the Oilers have beaten the Kings two years in row now, maybe they take it easy and lose. The Knights eliminated the Oilers last year, so the Knights have the proven track record that the Oilers will need to overcome. Either way I am over the regular season and ready for some playoff hockey.