Edmonton Oilers Take On Arizona Coyotes For The Last Time: Who’s Playing Tonight?

As the Edmonton Oilers wind down their season they face the Arizona Coyotes for the last time as the Coyotes are set to move to Utah this offseason.
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Although the Edmonton Oilers have nothing left to play for as they are securely in the second spot in the Pacific Division they still want to finish the season on a positive note with two solid games. They have tonight in Arizona and tomorrow night against the Colorado Avalanche. After that, it will be playoff time.

For the Oilers' opposition tonight, there is much more to play for. With the news coming out over the past week that the Arizona Coyotes are moving to Salt Lake City, this is the last NHL in Arizona, at least for a while. Next season this current Coyotes team will be playing out of Utah. While this move was long overdue, I am sure some Oiler fans will miss the Coyotes.

For lots of Albertans a trip to Arizona to watch the Edmonton Oilers play was a yearly experience as it was a fun place to go and watch the Oilers for cheap. Utah and Salt Lake City will likely not bring in as many fans, no offense to Utah, but its main focus isn’t fun.

Tonight’s Game

Tonight I would expect to see these Arizona Coyotes play one of their most intense games this season knowing that they may never see any of these fans again. It’s not just the fans who they may not see again, there is also all the training staff, that won’t travel with the team. The players interact with those people every day. The players will be trying to win the game for not just the fans, but their training staff as well.

As for the Oilers with nothing on the line, they are just here to possibly play the role of spoiler. Normally I would say that Coyotes will win because of that. One thing that may also be pushing the Oilers is the fact that they lost to the Coyotes just under a week ago.

When it comes to the Oilers roster the Oilers will be sitting a couple of their regular starters and giving some other players a chance to get some ice time. The players sitting out are Kane, who is still recovering from a slight injury, and the Nurse/Ceci pairing. This will keep Holloway in the lineup and also get Stecher and Broberg some time.

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This game just like lots of games around this time of year could really go either way. If the Oilers give it their all I don’t see the Coyotes winning, but I also don’t see why the Oilers would give 100% they really have nothing left to play for. Hopefully, the Oilers try and we get to see a good game tonight, but I am not holding my breath.