The Best Free Agent Signing For The Edmonton Oilers

While we are just a week past free agency day, I don’t see much more in the way of big signings for the Oilers. Here is the best signing.
Jeff Skinner signed a deal with the Edmonton Oilers
Jeff Skinner signed a deal with the Edmonton Oilers / Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

While it has only been one week since free agency started for the NHL, most of the players have found themselves a home and are now recoving from the long season in their house or lake lots that are much bigger and nicer than anything I will ever own. That point aside the managers are still wroking to get some housecleaning done before the season, but it is what they did these last week most likely make the most difference on their teams this season.

The Edmonton Oilers are no different from any other team in the NHL. They went out on July 1st and spent some money bringing in players and re-signing current ones. There were some good signings as well as some head scratching ones, but there was one signing that Jeff Jackson made that was in my opinion the best signing this offseason, not only by the Oilers, but in all of the NHL.

Jeff Skinner Signs One Year Deal With Edmonton Oilers, Worth $3 Million For 1 Year

The best value signing so far this offseason is Jeff Skinner for $3 million. The multiple time 30 goal score and time 40 goal scorer signed a contract that was $500,000 less than Warren Foegele, a player who has only scored 20 goals one time. As far as bargains go, I do not think you can get much better than that.

Last season the Oilers were one player short on their top six, so they had to use Ryan Nugent-Hopkins in the top 6. This offseason they actually signed two top 6 forwards so they will have a lot more options when it comes to lines. Skinner is the most important addition of those two players. As good of a season as Hyman had, I do not expect him to score as many goals as last season. Skinner can cover the drop in the goals scored.

The fact that he was bought out by the Sabres definitely helped bring Skinner in at a better price tag. Already being paid by another team allowed the Oilers to offer less money in order to make Skinner happy. Not to mention having Connor McDavid or Leon Draisaitl as your centers also helps make you want now come and play in Edmonton.

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Skinner may have only signed a one year deal, so if he has success and the Oilers want to bring him back it will likely cost them more money. At least the Oilers know they are going to be getting top effort Skinner cause he is playing for that next contract and will want to succeed. This is a win/win relationship that I think may have a bigger upside for the Oilers and that is why I think it is the best signing by the Oilers this free agency.