A Must Win Game 4 For The Edmonton Oilers

As the Oilers get prepared not to face the Canucks in game 4 tonight, they are in a virtual must-win spot.
Vancouver Canucks defensemen Nikita Zadorov (91) checks Edmonton Oilers Forward
Vancouver Canucks defensemen Nikita Zadorov (91) checks Edmonton Oilers Forward / Perry Nelson-USA TODAY Sports

Of all the games in the playoffs so far this is the most importantly game so far. If the OIlers win the series is tied at 2’s heading back to Vancouver. If they lose they they will be down 3-1 which would be pretty much a death sentence for them and their Stanely Cup aspirations. Right now I still have hope in this team coming back and winning this series, but if they lose tonight then almost all of that hope will be gone.

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,For the Oilers they look like they are making so fairly major lineup changes. The first being the fact that Calvin Pickard will be starting in place of Stuart Skinner. This is a pretty big deal cause it shows a hint that Knoblauch may be starting to lose faith in Skinner. Plus Knoblauch know that a playoff series is short, you don’t have time to let a goalie figure it out. Even if Pickard wins there is a chance that Skinner may be be back up the rest of the way.

whichOilers'Another change for the Oilers is coming up front where it looks like the Draisaitl, McDavid combo is going to be separated. This should help the OIlers depth, that has been invisible on the score sheet, by allowing the Oilers to spread the wealth that is McDavid and Draisaitl. It also looks like Knoblauch may go 11 and 7. This is something ex-Oilers coach Jay Woodcroft used to do. The pro of this is it allows McDavid and Draisaitl to get a bit more ice time with the bottom six players, which could cause some lineup advantages.

fromnotIt also looks like Adam Henrique is still no going to be in the lineup. Which means the bottom six will look almost identical. Depending of course if Broberg draws in or not. I assume if Broberg is in then expect to see Connor Brown be pulled form the lineup.

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possiblyFor Oilers players and fans alike this is possible the most important game of this season. A loss puts them up against the wall, but a win would put the momentum back in the favour of the Oilers. I hope the Oilers start off the game strong cause theI don’t think my nerves can handle a tight game.