A Defensive Perspective for the Edmonton Oilers

Taking you through a thorough analysis of the Edmonton Oilers' defensive aspect going forward in the season.
Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings - Game Six
Edmonton Oilers v Los Angeles Kings - Game Six / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The Edmonton Oilers are playing with great poise and passion to date and what is becoming of the roster is a positive sign that the team is heading north in the standings and may perhaps become number one in the league come playoff time.

What has many wondering at the moment is what types of moves General Manager Ken Holland will be making to secure the best-looking playoff team the organization has had to date and whether they will be able to bring the coveted Stanley Cup Championship home to Edmonton and its fans.

Taking a look at the Edmonton Oilers defensive aspect

The Edmonton Oiler's defense is made up of an equal amount of 3 right-handed shooters and 3 left-handed shooters. But, the matter lies with the contracts of two key defensemen, who in my opinion are not producing at an adequate level and may need a fresh start with another club/organization in the NHL.

Codi Ceci makes 3.25 million a year for the next two years and will be a free agent. From the past three seasons with Edmonton, he is a plus/minus +56 on ice. His skating ability is fantastic and can be that factor for a team that needs a defensive depth player that would complement the speed and skill attached to a contending team or leadership for a team in a rebuild.

Similarly, Bret Kulak makes 2.75 million and will be a free agent next year. He is a plus/minus +15 with the club, and also a good skater. More importantly, he brings a good physical presence that would do wonders for a team that needs more grit to their game.

Both are quality defensemen and may get the break of sticking around in Edmonton, but, need to work their respective games to fulfill that void in the offensive production. With a much-needed approach to a polished level of defending in the defensive zone.

The Edmonton Oilers defensive woes could turn around with new approach to the system

Based on today's game, it would be difficult to rule out the Edmonton Oilers, however, for the team to succeed, they will need to implement a combination of tricks and tools to combat the previous woes of the Oilers that had left an impressionable mark to the organization.

For this to happen, fans will need to see aspects of the coaching system to battle previous scars. The first would have to be the aspect of playing the diamond formation on the penalty kill and keeping a solid triangle around the net to push out the opponent's offense outside their comfort zone.

Second, would have to be the play along the boards, where it is measured the heaviest aspect of the game. Not taking penalties and playing a much better matched-up game with speed and endurance may give the Edmonton Oilers the added edge among teams competing hard against their opponents.

Third would be the turnovers this team can produce at an elite level and capitalize on more, rather than fewer goals. It would come by the aspect of playing a penalty-safe game, with an aggressive twist that would provide ample opportunities for the Oiler's team.

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The Edmonton Oilers are a good team to contend with. Including a great system of gameplay attached to their respective resumes. This would be an ideal moment to capitalize on the future aspect with a balanced approach to the game and give the Oiler's team much added comfort to the level of their respective gameplay.