5 Players The Edmonton Oilers Should Try to Pry From The Pittsburgh Penguins at the Deadline?

The Pittsburgh Penguins are unlikely to make the playoff, if they choose to be sellers at the deadline, the Edmonton Oilers should be buyers.
Feb 15, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins forward Sidney Crosby (87) celebrates
Feb 15, 2024; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins forward Sidney Crosby (87) celebrates / Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports
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Could the Oilers bring in Tristan Jarry?
Jan 15, 2024; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA; Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Tristan Jarry (35) / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Tristan Jarry

Tristan Jarry, the talented goaltender for the Pittsburgh Penguins, could potentially be a solid addition to the Edmonton Oilers' roster. As the Oilers seek to solidify their goaltending position and bolster their defensive stability, Jarry presents several qualities that could address these needs.

Firstly, Jarry has demonstrated significant growth and potential during his time with the Penguins. Despite facing some challenges early in his career, Jarry has shown resilience and improvement, eventually establishing himself as a reliable option between the pipes for Pittsburgh. His ability to bounce back from adversity and continue to refine his game suggests that he has the mental toughness and determination necessary to succeed in high-pressure situations—a trait particularly valuable for a goaltender in the NHL.

Furthermore, Jarry's technical skills and athleticism make him a formidable presence in the net. His quick reflexes, solid positioning, and ability to track the puck effectively allow him to make key saves and keep his team in games. While consistency has been a focus for Jarry, his overall skill set suggests that with the right support and coaching, he could develop into a top-tier goaltender capable of stealing games for his team.

Additionally, Jarry's relatively young age, 28, means that he likely has his best years ahead of him. Acquiring a goaltender with Jarry's potential could provide the Oilers with stability in net for years to come, offering them a long-term solution to their goaltending needs and could be a duo with Skinner for years to come.

Moreover, bringing in a goaltender like Jarry could also provide healthy competition and depth in the goaltending position for the Oilers. Competition often brings out the best in players, and having multiple capable goaltenders vying for playing time could push each goaltender to elevate their game and perform at their highest level.

In conclusion, Tristan Jarry could be a promising addition to the Edmonton Oilers' roster, offering them a young goaltender with significant upside and the potential to solidify their goaltending position for the long term. While there may be areas for improvement in his game, Jarry's growth trajectory and skill set make him a compelling option for the Oilers as they look to bolster their roster and compete for postseason success.